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@neuFUSE workshop  
Attend the workshop on on CFD modeling of cerebral aneurysms by the computer lab, from 14.30 to 16.00. Speakers:
Alessandro Chiarini, Alberto Marzo and Pankaj Singh


The ICCB2009 conference was held in Bertinoro (Italy) on 16-18 September 2009. The conference activities are now completed. This web site is kept on-line for traceability reasons.

The abstracts of ICCB2009 can be freely downloaded from here:

16-18 September 2009, Bertinoro (Forlì), Italy

We invite you to attend the fourth issue of the International Conference on Computational Bioengineering, including the first European Symposium on Biomedical Integrative Research.

The use of mathematical modelling and computer simulation for the study and prediction of biological and biomedical processes is growing, covering all aspects of biology, physiology and pathology from the molecule to the body. Predictive models start to play a key role in clinical medicine, in biology, in pharmacology, in medical technology, in epidemiology. 

The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for the discussion and the diffusion of the recent advances in Computational Bioengineering, including the so-called biomedical Integrative Research (Physiome, Virtual Physiological Human, Integrative biology, etc.) where predictive models describe disparate physiological or pathological sub-processes and are combined to obtain a more systemic understanding.

Coherent with the Team science inspiration of Integrative Research, the conference is intended also as an opportunity for researchers from all over the world to establish collaborations regardless of the geopolitics barriers, detecting areas of cooperation, and promoting the development of partnerships for new research and educational actions in bioengineering.